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A collection of family videos. In addition to getting some treasured footage of our precious boys, It's been a great way to capture some of the sights and sounds of the places we've lived.

A Day in the Life - Ethan Sung

We used this video to help celebrate Ethan's 1st birthday. 

Bath Time - John Parker Sung

We didn't get a chance to head back to NoCal that year so we decided to make a video of JP to help our family and friends get to know him.

First Haircut - John Parker Sung

A video for JP's first birthday. As with Ethan's first birthday video, we wanted to focus on what a day in JP's life is like. We decided to follow along for his first haircut. We also tried to parallel Ethan's video in a lot ways. For one, we wanted to use it as a way to remember some of the sights of where we were living. For Ethan's video it was Fair Oaks, for this video, it's Pasadena.