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Pete Sung - Curriculum Vitae

In addition to a focus statement, here's a brief look at a few of the milestones in Pete's life. While he has a broad range of experiences, we believe the best is yet to come. Please contact us directly with any questions.

I am a child of God, as are all who believe in his name. The depth of my understanding of God's love for me constantly grows as I take in the reality of all that Jesus did for me, and the reality of all that I am. As I walk daily with the Jesus, I lean on God's word as the ultimate guide for my life. In it, I find the greatest story that's ever been told, a story that somehow involves me and everyone I meet. Jesus loves me, and I love Jesus.

I love the church. I have seen God do so many amazing things through the lives of ordinary people. As a pastor, I feel humbled and privileged to participate in God's work of life transformation. With each person I meet, it never gets dull. Jesus loves the church and He teaches me daily how to better love the church too.

I love being a pastor. There is nothing else like it. The challenge of leading a dynamic and constantly changing social organization is overwhelming, but it teaches me complete and absolute dependence on God. Thankfully I am not doing this alone. With my family, an amazing community, and a gifted ensemble of friends at church, I find myself learning and growing everyday. Contrary to popular belief, the Church is not dying, it is just getting started.

We are all God's unique creation. A part of my uniqueness as a pastor is my focus on documentary storytelling. I seek to integrate high-quality videography with church ministry. It is part of my calling as a pastor in this modern visual age.

MINISTRY Experience

Regional Support Pastor - Saddleback Church. Pastoral support for 12 multi-site campuses in Southern California. Focus points include macro-level strategic administration, Purpose Driven Church implementation, campus-level leadership and pastoral care in a mega-church, multi-site context.

Pastor of Community Life - Evergreen Baptist Church of Los Angeles. Small groups, welcome team, preaching, video production, membership, baptism, outreach, millennial ministry in a medium-size, historical church context.

Pastoral Intern - Lifeline Church in Monrovia, CA. Preaching, video production, small group, communion in a church-planting context.

Director of Asian Ministries - Bayside Church in Granite Bay, CA. Missions, outreach, adult education in a mega-church context. Local and international focus.

Congo - Short term mission focused on professional video production for missionaries in Kinshasha and Kikongo.

Cambodia - Short term missions team leader in support of Agape International Missions and their fight against child sex-trafficking.

Union Gospel Mission - Team leader, preacher, and worship leader serving the homeless in Sacramento, CA. 

China - Short term missions team leader teaching English, discipleship, and leadership at Peking University, Tianjin University, and Shenzhen.










2008, 2010




OTHER work Experience

Filmmaker - Director and editor of documentary style short-films and videos focused on sharing the story of God's amazing love. (See my portfolio for samples)

College Professor, Mathematics - American River College (tenured), U.S. Air Force Academy, University of Maryland.

Captain, United States Air Force - South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, U.S. Air Force Academy. Combat Veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom (2001-2002).







Worship, Arts, Theology

Fuller Theological Seminary
U.S. Air Force Academy



Other Training


Documentary Filmmaking - Asian American Studies fellowship. Direct, edit, and produce community-based documentary short films.

Education Researcher - National Science Foundation fellowship. Improve the teaching and learning of mathematics with a focus on diversity.

Military Training - Strategic debriefing, HALO freefall parachute jumper, SCUBA certification, SERE combat survival and resistance school, introductory flight training, small arms combat.



UC Berkeley


U.S. Air Force